Quality Management

We use the ISO 9000 standard series quality management system (QMS), certified since 2000, which effectively supports our production activities to our customers’ complete satisfaction.

In the last fifteen years numerous very detailed regulations have been implemented within the QMS, which control the product manufacturing processes - from order, through production, to delivery. Everything we manufacture undergoes rigorous in-process testing, as well as a final inspection upon completion. This ensures that only the perfect product is delivered to our customers.

Quality Management is constantly updated in our documents in accordance with both legal requirements and customer expectations.

Quality assurance and quality control duties are managed by our Quality Management (QM) and Quality Control (QC) team, who are in daily contact with each other, as well as our suppliers, our customers, and our company's management.

Our main aim is to continuously improve on our Quality Management System, assuring the highest quality control in our production and communication, both internally and externally.

Download our ISO 9001:2015 certification Download the FSC® certification

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