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JAVIPA, where Multi precision meets SME flexibility

Established in 1990 as a startup, JAVIPA Printing Ltd. has evolved into one of Hungary’s largest printing houses, distinguishing itself by being exclusively owned by Hungarian private individuals. Our comprehensive services cover the entire spectrum of printed packaging production, including offset printing for folding boxes, leaflets, and labels.

With a flexo printing press added in 2006, we expanded our capabilities to include roll-fed packaging like aluminum foils and self-adhesive labels, produced since 2014 in a cleanroom-compliant flexo hall.

Since the early 2000s, our focus on the pharmaceutical industry has driven our commitment to quality management.

With over 200 employees, an ever-expanding machine park, and a floor area exceeding 12,000 m2, JAVIPA is dedicated to maintaining competitiveness and meeting evolving customer needs.

Our market portfolio by industry

Proudly synonymous with reliability, flexibility, and quality service, JAVIPA strives to uphold its esteemed market presence. Our commitment is evident in our daily efforts to maintain a responsible standing, backed by our stringent quality policy, ensuring the satisfaction of both existing and future customers.

JAVIPA’s production figures in 2023
Leaflets425 million pcs
Boxes380 million pcs
Labels230 million pcs
Printed aluminium foil160 tons
JAVIPA in Green

In response to the pressing challenge of environmental sustainability, we believe every business has a responsibility to integrate eco-friendly solutions. Our strategy prioritizes sustainability by minimizing energy and water use, monitoring our carbon footprint, and reducing waste. We extend these values to our supplier partners, aiming to transform the printing industry into a “green industry.” Our management has set two specific sustainability goals in this regard.

Self-sustainable Printing

During the second quarter of 2021, we successfully implemented a sophisticated solar PV system comprising 328 panels. This initiative allows us to derive 10% of our current electricity consumption from renewable sources. As we continue to expand the solar power plant and enhance thermal insulation as part of this strategic investment, our objective of achieving a predominantly self-sustainable printing project becomes an attainable reality.

Constant cycle

Our printing industry profile brings with it the undesirable situation of generating large amounts of waste in our operations. Therefore, it is particularly important to process and recycle the resulting waste (be it cardboard, label paper or aluminium foil). We would like to increase our current recycling rate to 100% by fully recycling the waste generated after printing aluminium foil.

Reducing emissions of substances harmful to the environment

  • Building an environmentally conscious corporate culture: educating all employees, communicating and complying with Javipa’s environmental requirements. Our goal is not only to strictly follow the rules laid down, but also to create a workplace community where employees are not driven by rules, but by their intrinsic motivation to care for the environment.
  • We comply with and enforce all environmental regulations
  • We strive to use less pollutants in auxiliary materials (complete switch to non-migrating paints)
  • Energy modernisation of our printing plant, including the installation of the complex solar system mentioned above and, in conjunction with it, an air conditioning system based on heat recovery technology.
  • Since 2018, we have been FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which shows that we conduct our activities with responsible forest management in mind and that we pay special attention to finding the most reliable sources.
Qualifications and Awards

FSC-STD 40-004 certificate

ISO 9001:2005 certificate

OPTEN “A” rating

KKV Top 100 price 2018 – „INDUSTRY” category

Pegazus Price 2017 – Emerging category winner in Eastern Hungary

Company milestones
Company formation
The beginning
The beginning
JAVIPA Printing Ltd. was founded in 1990.
Moving to our current premises

Moving to our current premises on Kazinczy Street. On a floor area of 3,600 m2, the production of high quality printing products begins.

4 colour dispersion varnish printing machine
4 colour dispersion varnish printing machine

Investment in the first 4 colour dispersion varnish printing machine

Expansion of the site to 4,500 m2
Expansion of the site to 4,500 m<sup>2</sup>

We have expanded our premises to 4,500 m2 to meet the increased demand.

Acquisition of offset printing presses, cutting, die-cutting machines

Acquisition of new machinery to cover the entire production process: offset printing presses, die-cutting machines and cutting machines

Production of roll products starts
Production of roll products starts

Purchase of 8 Nilpeter printing machines for colour flexible printing 🡪 Production of roll products starts.

Purchase of a state-of-the-art box gluer
Purchase of a state-of-the-art box gluer

Purchase of a state-of-the-art box gluer with 5 lines of AccuBraille and code checking units to fully meet market needs.

Construction of a new flexo factory hall and warehouse

Construction of a new flexo factory hall and warehouse to meet cleanroom requirements. The floor area has been extended to 6,000m2.

7-colour multicolour printing machine
7-colour multicolour printing machine

7-colour multicolour printing machine 🡪 unique technology in the country.

Installation of 6 colour B1 format printing presses

Installation of 6 colour B1 format printing press and offset web offset printing press.

Setting up of a separate plant section

Setting up of a separate plant section for the production of patient information leaflets.

Extension & Development
Further expansions underway

Further expansions underway: construction of a new 3-storey production plant, purchase of new production machinery to increase capacity.