Quality Management

Guaranteed quality in a sustainable way

Quality Management System

JAVIPA Printing Ltd’s priority is to fully satisfy the needs of its existing and prospective partners. In order to achieve this, we have developed a quality management system that has a controlling role in the life of the production and covers the entire operational process. “Strength in unity!” is our motto. This is the company philosophy that characterizes our operations, and we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible quality of work and products, relying on the strength of the community.

Our activities are carried out within the framework of the Quality Management System (QMS) developed in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which we have been certified according to since 2000. Our quality management system effectively supports our production activities with the aim of achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction and service.

Customer-oriented operation

Customer satisfaction is the main source of our profit. We therefore formulate our policies in line with a customer-centric approach. Accordingly:
● We seek to understand the needs of our existing (and potential) customers for our products and services.
● We strive to find appropriate and cost-effective ways to meet customer needs.
● We monitor customer demand and improve our activities on the basis of any differences.

Creating links between divisions

Our quality management system is designed to be integrated with our other policies. It is thus closely integrated with our professional standards, accounting system, occupational risk analysis, health and safety regulations, fire safety regulations and the applicable legislation.

Progressive improvement

In the long term, our company wants to become as recognised as possible in the sector. To achieve this, we have created a food safety and quality management policy that consists of step-by-step elements that can be improved and developed in a measurable way. We are working to achieve this, with a particular emphasis on preventive measures.

Print inspection, final inspection

To meet the needs of our pharmaceutical customers, we have been using a print inspection software called Image Compare with a flatbed and drum scanner since September 2014, which effectively detects defects on prints. Our continuous development and the factory expansion in 2023 justified the installation of a new print verification software, which was completed in October 2023.
Rigorous in-production and final inspection is carried out by 15 quality inspectors, who are dedicated and loyal to their work, with the right professional skills, to achieve our quality objectives.

Our certificates: 
FSC® certificate
JAVIPA Printing Ltd. has been a proud member of the FSC® community since 2018. We pay special attention to act in the spirit of environmental protection during our production processes. We work every day to meet the expectations of the certificate. 
In our Company Policy, JAVIPA Printing Ltd. also expresses its intention to meet the customer requirements during the production and sales activities of packaging materials which focus on ensuring responsible forest management. Through this, you acknowledge that the certification requirements of the FSC-STD 40-004 standard are valid and binding on you.
Certifications, awards

What does responsible forest management mean?

The FSC® certificate certifies that by extracting the wood as the raw material for the paper, the forestries do not endanger the sustainability of the forests, the habitat of the forest organisms, but manage this resource in such a way that it can be renewed safely and continuously.
Logging in certified forests minimizes the impact on forest plants, animals and other organisms, local communities share the long-term benefits of farming, and forestry is designed and managed to be profitable but the profits generated do not jeopardize forest regeneration. All employees of our company are responsible for carrying out the work assigned to them in accordance with the regulations.

Lean management

There is no way to stop in the printing industry. When designing the processes and production, companies need to get rid of their losses, unnecessary process elements so that the entire organization can properly manage its resources and respond more flexibly to customer needs. However, good quality and precise deadlines can only be achieved with properly standardized processes and properly maintained machines.

In the course of our activities, it is essential to develop the right logistics and process planning, the aim of which is to ensure that each sub-process runs smoothly from the arrival of the raw material to the delivery of the finished product to the customers.
The goal of Lean management is to increase efficiency and reduce losses. This Lean philosophy results in improved efficiency of the organization and savings in available resources, which also makes targeting new market segments a realistic vision for the future of JAVIPA.

Some key metrics we were able to develop using the Lean philosophy:
● increase of productivity
● reduction of lead time
● inventory reduction
● improvement of the production / product cost ratio

In light of the above, we develop the activities of our company primarily on the basis of what serves the customer to produce value.